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Besides Silberstein's main activity as a Conductor, he works as a composer for audio-visual projects, among which stand out advertisements, TV series and short films:


Projects in collaboration with Leo and Mateo Sujatovich.

¨LA LEGENDE¨, Argentina 2013.

Client: Baron B

Agency: Human

Dir. Eugenio Zanetti

¨CREMOSISIMO¨, Argentina 2013.

Client: Sancor

Agency: Quadro


METROVÍAS ¨100 AÑOS¨, Argentina 2013.

Client: Metrovías

Agency: El Perro en la Luna

Producer: El Perro en la Luna

TV - ¨La asombrosa excursión de Zamba¨

Composition of incidental music for the TV series and the LIVE musical shows.

Produced by  El Perro en la Luna for the Argentinean Education Ministry.

¨The Amazing Excursion of Zamba¨ with Juana Azurduy.

¨The Amazing Musical of Zamba with San Martín¨.

Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires, 2013.

Zamba - Right to identity.

Short films

¨Misfortune comes in brown paper envelopes¨.

Director: Andy Feldman

Argentina, 2007.

¨Loving Mooring¨ - Part 1/2.

Director: Ariel Frajnd

Argentina, 2009.

¨Loving Mooring¨ - Part 2/2.

Director: Ariel Frajnd

Argentina, 2009.

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